Lefranc & Bourgeois Acrylic Medium

Brilliant Gloss & Matte Varnish Permanent varnishes for acrylic or vinyl paints that will protect your paintings inside or outdoors (sheltered). Two types of finish: matt or gloss. You can obtain a satin finish by mixing the 2 mediums together (matt and gloss). Before varnishing, wait until the painting is completely dry (1 week per mm of thickness). For a gloss varnish, it is advisable to apply 2 thin coats, the first diluted at 20%, then the second at 10%, respecting the 6 hours drying time between each layer. For a matt finish, apply two coats of varnish: a first layer of gloss varnish (diluted at 10%) then a second coat of pure matt varnish. Advice for applying the product: you can't start again with varnish once you've spread it, as you risk making the varnish "cloudy" and leaving white, clumsy marks. An acrylic varnish dries quickly, so you must apply it rapidly.
Do not apply varnish in the sun, in a ventilated area, or in temperatures greater than 25°C. Acrylic varnishes are non-yellowing, flexible and irreversible once dry.

Retarder medium increases the drying time of acrylic paints, giving you more time to work wet in wet on the tints and blending of colours. For large surfaces, you can create washes while reducing the problem of drying times between the paint touched up. You should not mix more than 20% of the retarding medium with the colours, as too high a concentration could affect the properties of the paint.

Gel Medium give an ideal consistency to impastos and volume effects. You can use them in all proportions with acrylic paints, and increase the transparency of your work. Pure, they can be used to produce collages on all types of material, even the most rigid. 

Modeling paste allows you to create low relief and structure before painting begins. You can mix it with acrylics in all proportions, to create impastos and work the paint in thick layers. Flexible, it doesn't crack because it doesn't contain marble powder or silica. Non-yellowing and indelible once dry. Matt, opaque finish.

GESSO Primer for smooth, non-oily supports and a universal primer for porous supports (soft wood, stone, plaster, cardboard), titanium white and acrylic resin base). Impermeable, supple, adheres well (perfect adherence on smooth supports).  Also contains calcium carbonate, which makes it rough and opaque, and is used to cover a dark background, onto which you can apply light colours.


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