Lukas Studio Oil


Since 1862, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld and LUKAS have been a sign of top quality artists' colours. Even Vincent van Gogh, as can be proved, has used the products of our house - the well known master ordered the popular colour extra from Düsseldorf. Up to the current day numerous artists all over the world trust the 140-year-old tradition of our house.

We also do not breach this trust in the classic area of oil painting. Since for the typical effect of an oil painting the correct material is important in every case. Therefore, we apply only the highest standards to our products. This standard is also applied during the development and production of our fine artists' oil paint in Studio quality.

On that basis we can provide an oil colour with a balance of performance and cost, compared to Master qualities, which fullfils the demands of beginners and professional artists.


  • An exemplary covering power is ensured through a high concentration of valuable pigments, significantly higher than in typical economic colours.

  • The pigments used guarantee good levels of light fastness. No colour has a lower light fastness than 6- 7 on the international 8-step blue wool scale.

  • The typical drying time for oil colours straight through all shades amounts on average from 2 to 4 days with thin brushstroke strength (100 to 120 μ m).

  • The exclusive use of high-quality linseed and sunflower oils of pharmaceutical quality guarantee good and even drying of the colours. The risk of cracking of the surface while the colours are drying is minimised, when used properly.

  • Sunflower oil is used in the manufacture of pale shades to greatly reduce the traditional "yellowing" that occurs when made with linseed.

  • The famous "buttery" consistency of Lukas Oil colours is achieved by only using real Bees Wax during manufacturing.


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