Canson Montval


Canson’s No. 1 watercolor paper is now an integral part of the Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art and Photo portfolio. This genuine, cold press watercolor paper is specially coated for optimum inkjet printing performance. The paper’s texture and warm white tone lend subtlety to photographic reproductions and render art reproductions accurately and beautifully, with excellent color.


Montval Aquarelle is compatible with pigmented and dye inks, dries instantly, is water-resistant, and contains no optical brightening agents. Internally buffered and acid-free, it was designed to meet the longevity requirements of galleries and museums.

Montval Torchon is an acid-free watercolor paper that offers a unique flocculated surface. A water-resistant and scuff-resistant coating delivers excellent color gamut and saturation, as well as precise detail.


Montval Torchon is internally buffered and free of optical brightening agents to guarantee museum-grade standards and to exceed the ISO 9706 standard. Montval Torchon is compatible with pigmented and dye inks. It is internally buffered to resist gas fading and maximize the conservation of prints. It dries instantly and is water-resistant.

Montval watercolor paper is the definite best seller in the world for art students. It accepts washes, sponging, engraving, masking, scratching, so that you can work and rework your artwork with more freedom and no press of time. Acid free, naturallly white, plus the adition of fungicide to prevent mildew and ensures excellent durability. Best for all wet techniques: watercolor, wash, gouache and acrylics.




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