Weber Oil Medium

Finishing Spray Varnish for Oil

Bob Ross’s quick drying Spray Varnish offers temporary protection until oil painting is dry enough for final varnish. Enhances color and dries to an even gloss. 12 oz size.

Archival Copal Medium

Prepared from synthetic and natural resins and refined turpentine, Archival Copal Painting Medium is excellent for glazing, thin or impasto painting, and wet-on-wet techniques. May be thinned with turpenoid® or turpentine.

Artist Pure Gum Turpentine

A very volatile, thin, colorless, refined turpentine derived from pine trees, for use with oil colors, and as a thinner or solvent for varnishes or varnish gums, and for cleaning brushes and tools.

Cleaning Solution for Painting Restoration

Cleaning Solution is used to remove accumulated surface soil and aged varnish from oil paintings. Carefully follow directions for safe, proper, techniques for surface restoration and cleaning. Caution is advised to avoid disturbing the painting during cleaning. Follow with application of Salamander™ restorative.

Damar Varnish

A very durable and flexible varnish prepared from selected true Singapore White Damar Gum. Damar Varnish gives a high gloss and strong protection, greatly increasing the brilliance of colors. Contains no artificial dryers. Responds readily to ordinary solvents. Thin with Turpenoid® or turpentine.

Japan Drier

Speeds the drying of slow drying colors. Only a small amount of Japan Drier should be used, since overuse of the drier tends to cause darkening and cracking of the painting.

Light Drying Oil

An ideal painting medium for oil colors to thin their consistency. Prepared from purified linseed oil and Turpenoid®.


Mix desired amount of Liquiglaze with artist quality oil color. Excellent medium for fine detail, impasto or glaze effects. Dries quickly, resistant to yellowing and provides a long lasting quality paint film. The consistency of Liquiglaze is a soft translucent gel, ideal for mixing with heavy bodied artist oil color. May be thinned with Turpenoid®
or Turpentine.

Matvar 53® Varnish

A matte finish varnish for oil color, watercolor, and tempera painting. This colorless, acrylic resin varnish provides the artist with a non-yellowing, flexible, transparent matte film when dry. When used for an overall matte finish on varnished and unvarnished work, it will not dull tonal values and may be painted over. Quick drying and ready for use, it contains no wax and will not mar or smudge through handling. Resists cracking, peeling, blush and bloom. Thin and clean up with turpentine. This product will not thin with Turpenoid.

Odorless Turpernoid®

An odorless, very volatile, thin, colorless, turpentine substitute, Turpenoid® has the same painting properties and drying time as turpentine but is free from the strong characteristic turpentine odor. Compatible with oil colors as a painting vehicle, either alone or in mediums. Turpenoid® is also excellent as a solvent or paint brush cleaner, and for use in removing paint spots from clothing.

Oil Paint Transparentizing Medium

Use to transparentize oil colors and as a flow medium for stroke work. Great for antiquing and oil rouging. Can be used as a varnish. Prolongs drying time. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water. Nontoxic.

Oil Painting Medium

Used with oil paints when durability is desired. Prepared from refined linseed oil, gum damar, and turpentine. Imparts brilliance to colors and gives a pleasant consistency.

Process Thickened Linseed Oil

A linseed oil prepared to possess the properties of sun-thickened oil. A pale, heavy bodied oil, employed as an addition to painting mediums. Faster drying than Stand Oil and superior to other heat treated Linseed Oils.

Pure Refined Linseed Oil

Finest quality, purified and refined linseed oil is pressed from flaxseed. Contains no free mineral acids. For use in diluting oil or alkyd colors and making painting mediums or to clean brushes.

RapiDry™ Oil Paint Medium

RapiDry makes oil colors smoothly workable and speeds drying time. Remains wet under normal conditions for about four to five hours. Dries to the touch overnight. It will not yellow or darken and it plasticizes the paint film to prevent cracking.

Res-n-gel ® Oil Painting Medium

Res-n-gel® is a full strength, ready to use, synthetic resin gel. It is a transparent, full bodied medium which extends expensive oil colors. It is ideal for glazing effects. Res-n-gel® gives a buttery brush response, prevents colors from running, retains character of brush strokes, holds sharply defined detail, adds luminosity and brilliance to colors and accelerates drying. An excellent medium for painting with either brush or palette knife to create a full range of impasto, opaque, translucent glazed effects. Nontoxic.

Resin-Oil Medium 789

Synthetic medium for use with dry pigments or tubed colors. Yields a buttery, plastic response for impasto painting, or a free flowing consistency when thinned with turpentine. Can be used to obtain sharply defined detail, working wet-on-wet. Recommended as an oil painting medium in glazing techniques. Drying of the paint is accelerated.

Salamander™ Restorative

A restorative for oil paintings prepared from carefully selected essential oils and balsams. For application to oil paintings to restore color brilliance. After a painting has been treated with Salamander™, an application of Damar or Synvar Varnish® will help protect the restored surface.

Silicone Brush Cleaner

An odorless, economical silicone brush cleaner for cleaning oil color immediately after use. Safe for use in most cleaning devices. Silicone Brush Cleaner is completely non-caustic and will not remove natural oils from sable or bristle brushes. Also good for removing fresh paint from all accessories and clothing.

Sphinx® Retouch Varnish

A quick drying, light bodied, colorless retouching varnish, composed of crystal clear acrylic resin with a very volatile diluent. Retouch Varnish is excellent for use on parts of a painting that have dried flat in order to bring out their full wet appearance. It can also be used on paint not entirely dry, so further painting can be done. Protects paintings until drying is complete, pending final varnish.

Stand Oil

A pale colored, heavy bodied, polymerized linseed oil used in the preparation of painting mediums with less tendency than linseed oil to after-yellowing. It is slower drying than sun thickened linseed oil and produces a durable film.

Synvar® Varnish

An excellent, water clear, acrylic resin picture varnish for oil and acrylic paintings. Synvar® dries to a gloss finish, has excellent durability, good adhesion, no tendency to blush or bloom, good resistance to ordinary acids, alkalies and to moisture. Dries tack-free in less than a half hour under normal conditions. Will not darken with age. When used as a medium to mix with oil colors it will produce a soft chromatic quality. Thins with Odorless Turpenoid® or Turpentine.

Turpenoid® Gel Oil and Alkyd Painting Medium

Fast drying with high cohesion. Turpenoid® Gel increases transparency of oil colors and creates impasto. Turpenoid® Gel is clear, semi-soft and smooth.
Extremely stable and flexible; holds brush strokes in place.

Turpenoid Natural® is an extremely effective nontoxic brush cleaner and gentle brush conditioner which rinses out with plain water. Brushes are reconditioned when cleaned with Turpenoid Natural®. It is non-flammable, does not irritate skin or eyes and does not emit harmful vapors. It is an effective painting medium when used within recommended guidelines. Now, artists seeking safer choices, as well as students, seniors and those unable to enjoy the pleasures of oil painting because of problems with traditional solvents, have a new safe alternative. Not recommended with Damar Varnish or crystals. Use in paint mediums should not exceed 25% to ensure proper drying time. Do not use Turpenoid Natural® to create washes, glazes or to “wet” canvas before painting.

Blue Label® Fixatif

A water clear fixatif prepared expressly for use on pastel and charcoal drawings. Gives maximum durability and protection with the least change in tonal values. Dries to a matte finish which may be reworked.

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