Derwent Sketch Notebook & Journals


Ideal for capturing your initial creative ideas

A sketch book allows you to capture your creative thoughts and ideas on paper, wherever you happen to be. A hard-backed version is particularly useful, providing a firm base to work on and protection for your drawings and notes.

The Derwent range includes the premium Soft Touch Sketch Book, with a luxurious, peach skin like cover, and the ultra stylish Patterned Sketch Book. Both are available in a choice of sizes and contain 56 sheets of top quality 170gsm cartridge paper, perforated for convenience.

For everyday sketching, the hard-wearing Black Vinyl wire bound Sketch Book range contains 86 sheets of 110gsm acid free cartridge paper and comes in a range of sizes; A4 and A5

Students will appreciate the Wire Bound Elasticated Sketch Books. With a hard black vinyl cover they are available in A4 and A5 sizes, landscape and portrait formats, plus a new 12” (30cms) square version. Each sketch book contains165gsm acid free paper has wider rings to accommodate extra paper, an elastic band to keep loose papers in place and an expanding pocket at the back to store additional items.



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