Pebeo Acrylic Medium

Studio Gesso is a white coating for the preparation of the surfaces to be painted. (canvas, cardboard, paper, wood...) It dries quickly anf has a light matt finish which improves the adhesion of the paint layers.

Studio Modeling Paste is an opaque paste of heavy texture, ready to use, to create textures. It can be applied with a painting knife and used pure or mixed with colour. It retains the imprint of the tool, can be sculpted, painted, rubbed down once dry. It has a matt finish.
Studio Gloss Medium (previously Bindex Studio) is an acrylic liquid binder for the preparation of the colours, collages or inlays. It increases brightness and smoothness of colours. Translucent and indelible once dry, it gives a flexible and satin film. Mixed with water it is used as retouching varnish.
Studio Gloss and matt Gel can be mixed with colour to increase transparency, deepness, volume and drying time. Ideal for collages and inlays, they are translucent after drying. You can mix gloss and matt gels to obtain a satinated gel.
Sand textured Studio Gels, red, yellow, black or white, are made of polymer and coloured sand gel. They are ready to use and allow to obtain dimensional granular effects. It is recommanded to apply them with a painted knife.

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