Magi Wap Acrylic Color

Artist’s Acrylic color is our best quality acrylic which refined by the purest pigments and 100% acrylic resin. The pigments selected due to this range were chosen for their permanence, purity and color intensity, in order to provide excellent product for the artists, the colors offer the highest grade of permanence and light-fastness, it is easy to use, fine dispersion, strong tinting strength, long durability, high flexibility and good adhesion.,wide range of traditional and modern techniques, permanence of colors and resistance to ageing. Each of these acrylic artist paints are produced from light-fast pigments, very suitable for fresco creating.

Good Color Lasting
The color without yellowing, cracking, anti-UV Ray, can be preserved for a long time, little perceptible wet-to-dry color shift.
High Light-fastness
Have good color lasting, will not fade after sunlight and or contact, Magi-Wap select the pigments strictly to ensure the light-fastness of the colors, the test requirements not only based on the light fastness of the pigment, but also based on the chemical and the film stability after color-drying.
Excellent consistency
The colors from Magi-Wap are famous for their smooth and exquisite consistency. All colors have the same identical consistency. Artist can create their works without limitation.
Obvious strokes

Although the color is very soft,it still can retain the excellent strokes after painted.the remarks created by brushes and knives will become flat after drying .
Glossy and Bright effect
The paintings drew by Magi-Wap colors have smooth touch feeling and excellent brilliance, this ensured the easy blending of different colors, preserved brilliance from original colors as well as the high glossy effect even after drying.
Perfect strength
We select the purest pigments, to make the colors in perfect tinting strength and good coverage power.
Brilliant and beautiful color
The brilliant and beautiful Magi-Wap acrylic colors are made by UK formula. The colors are very clean and bright even after blended. Non-toxic, environmental friendly, and conforms to EN71, AP and ASTMD-4236.
Wide application range
Application range is very wide, it can be used on canvas, paper, wood, and leather surface ect. Create your own world with colors according to personal desires.

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