Grumbacher Academy Oil

The European Renaissance was a period of artistic and scientific exploration and invention. It is no wonder that the world's favorite art medium - oil paint - was introduced to a vast population of artists during this time in history. The combination of refined oils, such as linseed oil, was added to the finely ground pigments traditionally used in European paints. The oil trapped and suspended the pigments and resulted in a highly brilliant, translucent paint that has set the standard in art media for centuries.


Grumbacher has continued to produce quality oil paint in the tradition of the old masters. Superior quality pigments are combined with highly refined oils in our perfected paint formulas. Grumbacher is one of the only brands of paint to be produced within the United States. Our highly controlled facilities allow us to personally test our paints for a plethora of attributes such as purity and brilliance.

With a wide range of rich, vibrant colors, Grumbacher's lines of oil paints have been popular with artists generation after generation. This time tested brand of oil color allows painters to experiment with the comfort of knowing that their pieces will leave a legacy.

Grumbacher Academy oil colors offer a quality line of 30 color paints at an affordable price. Only finely ground pigments are used in making this smooth, rich paint. Either straight from the tube or when mixed with our mediums, colors remain rich and vibrant.

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