Watercolor Medium

Natural Rubber Pick-up  An indispensable tool in the watercolorist's arsenal, use rubber cement pick-ups to cleanly remove liquid frisket and masking fluid from your watercolor paintings without damaging the paper underneath. Firm, textured rubber wafers can be reused again and again, unlike an eraser, and will not smudge your colors or mark up your paper as might happen if you just used a finger to remove frisket. Try a rubber cement pick-up today and you'll wonder how you ever painted in watercolors without one!

Golden MSA Spray Varnish Mineral Spirit Based Acrylic With UV Protection, Excellent for Ink Jet Prints, Pastels and Paintings. These sprays provide a superb protective finish for fine artworks that is removable for conservation purposes. Offers excellent dirt, dust and moisture resistance in a flexible film. Contains ultraviolet light filters and stabilizers to provide archival protection inhibiting light damage. The adjustable fan spray tip allows for precise atomization over the entire artwork. Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and painting mediums including: acrylics, oils, alkyds, pastels, watercolors and temperas. Because the varnish is not waterbased it is perfect for ink jet prints because it won't migrate with waterbased inks and won't buckle most ink jet papers. Like with all products, testing is recommended. Dries rapidly. Made in the USA. Available in three finishes, Gloss, Matte and Satin. 

Grumbacher Workable fixative and surface preparation for works on paper, acetate, foil and glass. Allows non-porous surfaces to accept water-based media without beading up. Also fixed lower levels of water-based media to enable over-painting or layering without lifting. Non-glossy. Not intended as a final fixative.

Kuelox Fixative Colourless, Waterproof, Adhesive and not easy to turm yellow. Protect the surface of the pieces effectively and keep the original colour and texture. Suitable for Softpastel, Oil Pastel, Pencil, Colour pencil, Pen, Chalk, Crayon Watercolour Drawing.

Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Frisket 559 is a fluorescent orange colored frisket, for use on hard-sized watercolor papers, photos, and other media, to mask areas that are meant to be painted once the dried frisket is removed. It washes out of pens and brushes with soap and water. 1.2 oz (35 ml) glass jar. This product contains latex.

Blue Label® Fixatif A water clear fixatif prepared expressly for use on pastel and charcoal drawings. Gives maximum durability and protection with the least change in tonal values. Dries to a matte finish which may be reworked.

Winsor & Newton Texture Medium Producing a textured finish for watercolors, this medium can be applied directly onto the paper, or mixed with watercolors first.

Winsor & Newton Colorless Art Masking Fluid A removable, colorless liquid, use it for masking areas of work that need protection when color is applied in broad washes. It is specifically designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining. Made from rubber and latex staining. Wash brushes immediately after use. 75 ml glass bottle.

Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid This liquid is applied to make areas resistant to watercolor. Has a slight yellow tint. Not recommended for use on damp or soft sized papers, or if yellow staining of paper is a risk (Instead use Colorless Art Masking Fluid). Made from latex. Do not dilute.

Winsor & Newton Blending Medium This medium slows the drying rate, allowing extra time for blending watercolors. As a result, it is particularly useful in hot climates. Dilute color with medium alone for maximum blending time.

Winsor & Newton Granulation Medium A medium that is known for giving a mottled or granular appearance to colors that usually give a smooth wash. For maximum effect, dilute color with medium alone.

Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium Mix this medium with watercolors or apply it over a dry wash to give iridescent or glitter effects. It is particularly effective when mixed with transparent colors.

Winsor & Newton Lifting Preparation Apply the medium directly to paper and allow it to dry before painting. The preparation then allows dry washes, including staining colors, to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet brush. Ideal for making corrections.

Winsor & Newton Permanent Masking Medium A non-removable, transparent liquid mask, this medium is excellent for detail. It can be applied directly onto the paper, or mixed first with watercolors. Ensure that the fluid is thoroughly dry before overpainting. Wash brushes in warm, soapy water before using other colors.

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