Silicone Brush Cleaner

An odorless, economical silicone brush cleaner for cleaning oil color immediately after use. Safe for use in most cleaning devices. Silicone Brush Cleaner is completely non-caustic and will not remove natural oils from sable or bristle brushes. Also good for removing fresh paint from all accessories and clothing.

Cleaning Solution for Painting Restoration

Cleaning Solution is used to remove accumulated surface soil and aged varnish from oil paintings. Carefully follow directions for safe, proper, techniques for surface restoration and cleaning. Caution is advised to avoid disturbing the painting during cleaning. Follow with application of Salamander™ restorative.

Turpenoid Natural® is an extremely effective nontoxic brush cleaner and gentle brush conditioner which rinses out with plain water. Brushes are reconditioned when cleaned with Turpenoid Natural®. It is non-flammable, does not irritate skin or eyes and does not emit harmful vapors. It is an effective painting medium when used within recommended guidelines. Now, artists seeking safer choices, as well as students, seniors and those unable to enjoy the pleasures of oil painting because of problems with traditional solvents, have a new safe alternative. Not recommended with Damar Varnish or crystals. Use in paint mediums should not exceed 25% to ensure proper drying time. Do not use Turpenoid Natural® to create washes, glazes or to “wet” canvas before painting.

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