Sculpey Clay Tools

Sculpey® Molds – Discriminating artists and everyday clay users will enjoy an exact replica time and time again; Sculpey Molds allow you to do just that. Adults and kids will enjoy the freedom of creating molds in the perfect colors and the savings compared to store bought embellishments. Sculpey Molds are a fantastic and easy way to personalize any craft project.

How to Use a Push Mold:

1. Condition clay and roll clay ball the size of the impression you are going to make.
2. Press the clay completely into the mold.
3. Remove excess clay that does not fit in the mold cavity. Clay should be flush with the top of the mold.
4. To release, gently nudge the clay away from the edge of the mold toward the center of the molded piece.
5. DO NOT PLACE FLEXIBLE PUSH MOLD IN OVEN. Bake molded piece according to clay manufacturers’ suggestion, allow to cool and start embellishing.


• A little clay goes a long way. Practice to determine how much clay will fill your selection – it takes less than you think!

• Lightly mist the mold with water before pressing in the clay. This will make releasing the clay from the mold even easier. A light dusting of corn starch also works as a release.
• You can press a variety of colors into the mold simply by adding colors into the section of the mold you want colored. Build from the bottom upwards.
• Place mold, with clay in it, inside your refrigerator freezer for about 90 seconds. Remove and “pop” your creation out of the mold like an ice cube.

Clay Conditioning Machine Whether you’re creating a simple project or a complicated masterpiece, the Clay Conditioning Machine will help make the creating process easier. Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets or various thickness to use with cutters or for caning, creating color blends or adding texture. The Clay Conditioning Machine is loaded with features: 9 different thickness settings, comfort grip handle, non-skid feet and c-clamp.

Clay Extruder This indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers, rope, braid, bricks, tubes, grass, hair and more! Made from top quality die-cast steel, this extruding tool provides a simple way to add attractive textural details to your polymer clay projects! The tool disassembles into three parts for easy cleanup.

Clay Essential Tool Kit. A fantastic collection of today’s most sought after clay tools. All designed specifically for clay use and compatibility. Set includes:
• 8” Clay Roller
• Super Slicer with Comfort Handles
• 6mm Style & Detail Tool
• Clay Knife
• Texture Wheel with interchangeable Vine and Rope design wheels
• Blunt Point Tool
• Needle End Pointer with protective cover

Clay Starter Set. A set of 3 double ended tools, each used for a wide range of projects and techniques.
1. Use the Needle End Pointer to create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns.
2. Use the Stamp End for added detail.
3. Use blunt Point for small scale sculpting, punching holes, shaping, refining and smoothing clay.
4. Use Ball End to make indentations, concave forms and to create curled or wavy edges.
5. Use Knife End to create lines, patterns and cut clay.
6. Use Flat End for smoothing, blending and adding patterns and details to clay.




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