Lukas Cryl Studio

As one of the first manufacturers in Europe to produce acrylic paints back in 1964, LUKAS built upon their reputation for making quality colors at affordable prices. LUKAS CRYL Studio is no exception! Using only pigments that rate no lower than 6 to 8 on the international standardized 8-step blue wool scale of light fastness (excluding Glow-in-the-Dark and Fluorescents) and a higher pigment concentration than most economical acrylic paints ensures that LUKAS CRYL Studio has exceptional coverage and excellent color permanence.

The medium viscosity of the acrylic resin binder is excellent for painting techniques from wet-on-wet washes through to light structure (and even heavy structure when used with a modeling paste or gel medium). The paint dries to an elastic, non-shrinking or cracking film and can be used on a variety of surfaces from paper and canvas to board and plastics. Water-mixable and fast-drying, Studio Acrylics can be cleaned up easily with soap and water 

before they dry.

A professional quality color at an extremely reasonable cost, LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics are perfect for both the beginning acrylic artist as well as the large-scale professional looking for quality paint at a low price!

-High pigment concentration ensures vibrant and brilliant colors

-Superb light fastness ratings for color permanence

-Paint film won't shrink, crack or wrinkle when drying

-Water-mixable, quick-drying, easily cleaned up with soap and water

-60 color range in 75ml tubes

-Professional quality paint at a student grade price! 

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