Lukas Cryl Terzia

LUKAS have created a perfect blend of quality and affordability with their line of Terzia Acrylic Colors! High quality, non-caustic pigments blend with a medium-viscosity acrylic resin to produce paints with excellent coverage and great lightfast properties. The only thing that separates Terzia from LUKAS' more professional grade lines is the exclusion of harmful pigments like cobalt and cadmiums, as well as a slightly lower pigment concentration – both of which allow for a truly affordable price point! 

The well-balanced, 24 colors spectrum is available in generous 125ml tubes or 500ml bottles.

Excellent for backgrounds, large scale application and even murals, LUKAS Terzia Acrylics are sure to please both the beginning student as well as the advanced artist looking for bulk paint at exceptional prices!

-Highly lightfast, non-caustic pigments

-Medium viscosity for a variety of techniques

-Paint film won't shrink, crack or wrinkle when drying

-Water-mixable, quick-drying, easily cleaned up with soap and water

-24 color range in generous 125ml tubes and 500ml bottles

-Perfect for both the beginning artist as well as the large-scale professional! 


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