Derivan Fabric Art Paint

Derivan Fabric Art Paint is totally water-based and formulated as a safe, non-toxic paint for fabric. It can be used in the classroom or at home safely without the worry of being exposed to solvents such as white spirits, turps or thinners. Available in 13 colours, this non-toxic water based paint is the first step in creating larger areas of colour on any fabric. All you do is apply with a brush, allow to dry for 48 hours, then heat set with an iron to ensure that it will remain colourfast when washed. All colours can be mixed to create a spectrum of shades only limited by your imagination. The range also includes 3 fluorescent colours that become luminous under UV light and look great on both light and dark fabrics.

If you are more of a drawer than a painter then you can use the Fabric Art Markers to create hand-drawn designs. This unique double-ended marker has a chisel and bullet for maximum versatility. Use the chisel tip to create larger flat lines and the smaller bullet tip for smaller consistent lines. The clear caps enable you see the colour no matter what end you look at.


When creating a fabric art, a good tip is to draw a design on fabric lightly with a HB pencil, then use the brush to apply the paint to the desired areas. When you wash the fabric after heat-setting, the pencil marks will wash away leaving your design behind. If you are painting a t-shirt, we recommend that you place a thick piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to ensure that the paint doesn’t seep through to the back. Stretching the t-shirt tautly over the cardboard with pegs will also help prevent the fabric from moving while you create your art!

Heat Setting

Derivan Fabric Art Paint washes up in water (before it is heat set) but has excellent rub resistance and lightfastness once heat set. Heat fixing times and temperatures vary, however, a guide is as follows:

  • Cotton, calico, linen, rayon - 4-5 mins at 140ºC - 180ºC
  • Synthetics, nylon, polyester, tetron, acrylic - 5-8 mins at 115ºC - 130ºC


Wash Up

Wash all utensils, brushes and hands with soap and water to clean up.

Important projects warrant testing to determine maximum temperature to make image fast and avoid scorching. Test by heat fixing a test strip and washing in heavy duty cycle.

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