Lukas 1862 Oil

Since 1862, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld and LUKAS have been a sign of top quality artist’s colours. Even Vincent van Gogh, as can be proved, has used the products of our house - the well known master ordered the popular colour extra from Düsseldorf. Up to the current day numerous artists all over the world trust the 150-year-old tradition of our house. We also do not breach this trust in the classic area of oil painting. Since for the typical effect of an oil painting the correct material is important in every case. Therefore, we apply only the highest standards to our products. This standard is also applied during the development and production of our best and traditional artists’ oil paint in Master Quality. Already in the year of the company foundation - therefore the name „1862“ - our finest artists’ oil colour has been developed after the formulas of LUKAS founder Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld. The former demand, to produce one of the best world-wide oil colours, was maintained up to the current day. It has been cautiously developed and always adapted to the most modern scientific and artistic knowledge. LUKAS 1862 artists’ oil colour convinces as an absolute top product the most demanding artists all over the world.

  • Incomparable color intensity - The finest in classic and modern pigments, all with high to very high light fastness ratings, give LUKAS 1862 Oil Color a brilliance, concentration and permanence that stands the test of time.
  • Beeswax - Beeswax ads body and creaminess to the paint, that is why it feels so nice and because the body of the paint is consistent it helps with even drying so it dries reliably.
  • Shorter drying time - Dry to the touch usually in 2 to 4 days means that you can continue work on your LUKAS 1862 Oil Color paintings faster than with other brands without risking damage to the under layers.
  • Pure, refined mediums - Pharmaceutical grade, virgin cold-pressed linseed oil, non-yellowing sunflower oil, and a touch of beeswax give LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors their silky, "short", and buttery consistency that makes for smooth brushstrokes, even drying and a stronger paint film.
  • Brilliant color spectrum - Based on the highest quality classic and modern pigments, the wide 70-color spectrum available in LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors consists of no fewer than 40 single-pigment colors for clean and lifelike mixing, along with 2        metallic shades.
  • Classic palette - LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors have a color palette based on those used by old masters such as Van Gogh and widened to include favorites from more recent times, making for a well-balanced and versatile color palette sure to please the most demanding of painters!

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