Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oil

A number of Artists have problems using traditional oil colours since they have allergic reactions to solvents or work in small areas, where proper ventilation is an issue. These artists have contacted us with their wishes for us to develop a colour, which have the proven characteristics of LUKAS Artists’ Oil Colours without the need of using hazardous solvents. We followed these requests with the development of LUKAS BERLIN. LUKAS BERLIN is a high quality Oil Colour using binders of pure deslimed and bleached linseed and sunflower oils and the same high quality pigments, as they are used in the other LUKAS Artists’ Oil Colour assortments. However, a part of the binder oils were modified in such a way that they bind and do not repel water. Therefore, it is possible to handle LUKAS BERLIN just like conventional oil colour but it can be thinned with water rather than hazardous solvents. The water evaporates out of the paint film fairly rapidly leaving behind a conventional oil colour film that dries by oxidation.

The formulation of LUKAS BERLIN, i.e. the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process are in a way that the colour behaves like genuine oil colour with the exception: the water miscibility!

Proven Lightfastness: The pigments used are exclusively chosen artist’s quality pigments, which have the highest colour strength, purity, and especially proven permanency. This pigment selection and the high pigment concentration, guarantees the best colour strength, brilliance and luminosity of LUKAS BERLIN.

Drying Time: The drying time is the same as the one of the classic LUKAS Artists’ Oil Colours. All colours need a drying time between 2 and 4 days for a thickness of 80µm (like a double brush stroke). The same slow oxidation process takes place during the drying time. Therefore, heavy impasto painting may require up to one year to be completely dry, depending on the thickness of the layers and the pigment.

Consistency: LUKAS BERLIN contains a small proportion of beeswax, like the other LUKAS Artists’ Oil Colour ranges, which give the buttery consistency and the typical satin brilliance. Moreover, it contributes to a more resistant picture surface and facilitates easier varnishing and cleaning of the painting as confirmed by leading restorers.

Dilution Behaviour: LUKAS BERLIN has the same thinning characteristics as classic oil colours. By adding small amounts of water a considerable dilution appears.In contrary to classical oil colours LUKAS BERLIN must not be thinned with mediums including solvents (turpentine, citrus turpentine, other painting mediums), but simply with water. Clean up is easy with just soap and water.

Mixing Behaviour: LUKAS BERLIN can be mixed without a problem with all classic oil colours, but it loses the water miscibility benefit. You can also mix LUKAS BERLIN with Acrylics or Gouache colours. (Note: cracking may take place if not completely mixed; do not work impasto with Gouache colours). Mixing with airbrush colours (1:1 with water) can produce interesting results.

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