Cernit Oven Hardening Modeling Clay

CERNiT is a ready to use polymer modelling clay. The clay becomes very soft by kneading. It is easy to work with and needs just a few tools. The clay has a high tensile strength; a particulate translucency and does not loose its shape and stability. Colours can be intermixed to suggest marbling and there are no limits to create new shades. The material hardens permanently by baking in an ordinary oven (about 30 minutes at maximum 130°C). It can make dolls look life-like and all finished pieces cure to a porcelain-like appearance. CERNiT offers a very wide palette of 70 brilliant shades

The CERNIT comprises in 5 ranges:

NUMBER ONE porcellaneous standard finishes in 34 colours.

GLAMOUR 12 pearlescent and 6 metallic colours.

TRANSLUCENT 6 colours.

NEON 6 couleurs avec finition fluorescente

NATURE 6 colours in earth & stone effects.

All colours are intermixable to create other shades & tones

Advice for use: Suitable for ages 8 and above with adult supervision.

Preparation: Roll a piece of Cernit by hand and knead gently. This makes the material supple and shapeable in any direction. It can be drawn out finely like pastry and folded like cloth. Always work with clean hands on a clean surface. All colours can be mixed with each other, and blended, marbled or lightened with opaque white.

Structure and decoration: You can cut shapes from Cernit, make deep impressions for moulding, sculp with nails, brushes, scissors and surface decorate with impressions from leaves, lace, feathers or other raised surfaces.

Baking: Pre-heat electric ovens at 110° to 130°C /230°F to 266°F. Do not use a microwave oven. After baking Cernit is so firm that it can be drilled, filed or sanded. Use acrylic paints or water colours and enhance with decorative powders or even varnish. Allow your creativity to run free!

Safety rules: Safety rules in accordance with EU standard EN/71/5 Modelling materiel should not be put in the mouth. Do not exceed maximum 130°C / 266°F baking temperature as harmful gases could develop. Do not exceed a baking time of 30 minutes. Clean all equipment after use and assure hands are washed. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the activity area.

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