Darwi Air-drying Modeling Clay

Designed in Belgium as a compound for the repair of ceramic and wood items, this clay is a perfect medium for sculpltors, students and painters. Darwi is an air-dry clay with very little shrinkage as it dries to a hard finish within 24 hrs. Adheres to almost any medium and can be used on numerous applications.

This heatproof compound has proven successful and quite popular for making metal casting molds. White in color. Darwi is non-toxic and paints/colors very nicely. 

After drying you can carve, sand and paint Darwi. Clean up is simple. For hands, brushes and etc., just wash up with water. When dried, Darwi can be vacuumed from clothing, carpeting or any work area. No kiln required.

Hints and Tips:

  • It is important for the clay to have a sufficient rate of humidity : neither too much to avoid it sticking to the fingers, nor too little to avoid it drying too quickly.
  • Whilst work is in progress, moisten your fingers at regular intervals especially in warmer conditions. 
  • Finish off your creation with No. 00 sandpaper for a really smooth result.
  • Store opened packets of clay wrapped in a damp cloth in a plastic box or plastic bag in the vegetable area of your refrigerator.
  • Darwi white can be tinted before use with an acrylic paint or painted with acrylic after drying - finish off with a gloss or matt varnish to seal your project.

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