Winsor & Newton Fine Oil (China)

Since the 15th century, the artist began to use different forms of oil paint, oil paint is mainly made of pigment and dry oil mixture. Windsor Newton Fine Series Oil Paints The tight formula is a guarantee of high quality pigments, good usability and color stability. 

Oil paint the popularity of the reason is its extraordinary diversity. Can be through the traditional harmonic, glazing, thick coating and thin painting techniques to make the artist a perfect effect. Oil paints allow the painter to have a long time to reconcile and glaze the process. When the pigment is not dry, it is very easy to modify the work. Unlike other pigments, oil painting does not change when the color, so the color and color is even more simple.

The recipe for Windsor Newton's oil painting is common to both sides of the coating. It is easy to thick coating, in the dry time, with a brush and color knife to draw the works will not lose luster.

Since 1997 since set up factories in Tianjin, which is produced in Windsor Newton artist dedicated the majority of domestic oil paint painter won the favor and praise.  In 2010 , the artist's oil painting recipe is fully upgraded, the new packaging is more attractive, so that the classic to continue.

Drying time

The new painter special oil paint can be completed in about 


Windsor Newton has a smooth and uniform consistency, which is appreciated by the vast majority of painters in the world. The consistency of these pigments makes the painter easy to paint.

Stickiness and stroke retention

Windsor Newton painter special oil paint paste viscosity is good, the proportion of oil and color cream moderate, after careful grinding, made of oil painting cream paste delicate, sticky, brush strokes to maintain good. 

Product specifications

New upgrade painter dedicated oil painting pigment series a total of 55 colors, color balance, easy to use painter. The full range of three kinds of specifications and two kinds of suits to meet the needs of different occasions.

170ml aluminum tube: full range of 55 colors

45ml aluminum tube: full range of 55 colors


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