ComposiMold: ComposiMold LT (Original)

ComposiMold: ComposiMold LT (Original)

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ComposiMold-LT (Original)

ComposiMold is an easy to use mold making material. ComposiMold is reusable in terms of melting and remolding. If you want to change your mold, just remelt, re-pour, and remold. This dramatically lowers the cost of mold making and makes it very affordable with a lot less stress. 


    Remove the lid from thiscontainer and melt ComposiMold in the microwave. Start with short intervals as heating times may vary.


    To make a mold, pour the ComposiMold over your original part that has been coated with mold release. Let ComposiMold solidify by cooling back to it's flexible and rubbery consistency. Remove the original part from your ComposiMold and pour or press in your casting material.


    With Composimold, many cast can be made with the same mold. When finished casting, ComposiMold can be continuously remelted and reused to make new and unique molds.


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